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In collaboration with iTunes Music, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett took to Twitter a few moments ago to answer questions about their new duet album “Cheek To Cheek”, which is on sale now. 

Q: Tony Bennett, what surprised you most about Lady Gaga?

Tony Bennett: My first reaction was that I met a genius.

Q: What advice did you impart to Lady Gaga when singing the classics?

TB: My advice was for her to sing with great feeling.

Q: What was the most valuable lesson you learned from Lady Gaga

TB: I learned how much she values her family. It’s important in this business.

Q: Lady Gaga, what surprised you most about Tony Bennett?

Lady Gaga: His heart is as big as his legacy. Timeless. Classic. Forever. A legend from the inside out.

Q: Do you see any commonalities between what Cole Porter or Irving Berlin wrote back then, and today’s pop music?

LG: No one can replicate the genius of those composers, but that’s the beauty of music. Evolution.

Q: What was the most valuable lesson you learned from Tony Bennett?

LG: A lesson he passed to me from his best friend Duke Ellington who told him “#1, don’t quit. #2, listen to #1″

Q: What do you want people to take away from Cheek to Cheek?

TB: I want people to know how much Lady Gaga and I truly enjoy singing together.

LG: I hope to spread jazz to the younger generation, its joy, its authenticity. And to honor Mr. Tony Bennett.

Q: Do either of you have a favorite song from Cheek to Cheek? 

TB: “But Beautiful” because it’s so well written and intelligent. Lady and I had a great time singing it together.

LG: “Sophisticated Lady” Tony’s solo. Because he sang it to me, as a message and a gift. I cry every time I hear it.

Q: What was the most difficult song to record? Was there a moment where it was hard to get right?

LG: It was difficult to get through LUSH LIFE without crying. That song is autobiographical for me. Tony coached me through it.

Q: How did you guys choose which standards you wanted to record on cheek to cheek?

TB: We went to the Great American Songbook and there’s so many greats that we finally just had to chose a few

Q: What is the difference about singing pop or singing jazz?

LG: I feel freer singing jazz, it’s my roots. It’s rebellious. The more rules u break the better u r at improvising.

Q: This album has inspired some amazing art such as this by @bornthisjesss does this make you happy? 

TB: I think it’s wonderful that fans are creating artwork from our music… I think our fans love showing that they’re creative too, and that’s beautiful.

Q: How did this recording process differ to your previous albums?

LG: Ev’ry song was recorded live in studio w/ band at the same time. No autotune. All recordings are single takes

Q: Will you perform theatre shows for Cheek To Cheek?

TB: I would love to and I think we just might!

Q: Why you decided the newspapers theme for the Cheek To Cheek’s single covers and album cover? Is there any story behind it?

LG: We’re just letting the world know, we’re about to make BIG SWINGIN’ HEADLINES.

Q: Did you both think of Amy while recording the album? She would be so proud of you both.

TB: I’m sure that she would be proud and that makes me feel good.

LG: I thought of her almost every day in the studio. I wish she was still here. She was jazz to her core.

Q: Your relationship with Tony seems so effective and strong, has he made you happier?

LG: Tony told me Frank Sinatra changed his life when he said “For my money, Tony Bennett is the best singer in the business.” Tony is MY Frank. What he has done for me will change my career forever. And I truly cherish our friendship.

Q: Why you think “Cheek to Cheek” was the perfect title for the album?

TB: Because we really like to be together and sing these great songs. Cheek to cheek is where we like to be!

Q: May we know how did it feel while recording Bang Bang? Monsters cried already.

LG: It was recorded during a live show. My trumpet player was my ex-BF’s best friend. Performance was emotional for both of us.

Q: Jazz music, how do you explain to us a short way?

TB: Jazz music is the most honest music in the world. Artists must be their most honest when they sing it.

LG: It’s the greatest art form to emerge from America. Created by the African American community.

Q: Not really a question but wanted you to know this album is already helping people combat depression and help calm.

LG: In a world with growing violence and fear, we hope to inspire a simpler time. Music for your hearts to meditate and feel happy.

Q: Is this the first and the last jazz album you two will ever make? or should we expect more?

TB: I’m hoping we sing together for a long time.

(Fonte: ladyxgaga)

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